We’re Fast, Fair, and Respectful… Period.




Know Exactly Who You’re Selling To

My name is James Vasquez, owner of I Buy Homes Houston.  We’re Family owned,Houston, TX based company and have been for over 7 years…Our goal is just to find a solution that’s a “Win” all the while helping people sell their homes fast.



Our Core Values

I’ll be the first to say that I am not perfect, and that I make mistakes, however, I can say that I strive daily to live out these core values:

  1. To Have Integrity At Any Cost.
  2. To Serve People, In This Business & Everywhere Else.
  3. To Show Genuine Compassion & Empathy To Others.
  4. To Be Patient In All Circumstances, Especially Yours.
  5. To Strive For “Win-Win” Situations.
  6. To Love Others As I Love Myself.

I hope you can see that at I Buy Homes Houston, we are not fly by night real estate investors that are money hungry.  We’re a family owned company that has a mission to provide, but also to assist.

Over the last 7 years, we’ve purchased over 100 houses from people all across Houston, why shouldn’t you be one of them?  We never pressure or hassle anyone to take our offer nor to even show us their home.  We only visit the property if invited by you.

If you decide to sell to us, you’ll see that after we buy your house for cash, you’ll more than likely be not just willing, but happy to offer to give us a testimonial like many others Houston homeowners have.

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